Interlem GP Omega

The ideal partner for the manufacturing companies

Interlem GP Omega is a society belonging to the Interlem Group born in 1986 with the specific mission to provide a solution for the planning and control of production.

Today Interlem GP Omega proposes itself as a partner supllying a complete technological offer to manufacturing companies, both on local and international markets. Interlem GP Omega is today able to satisfy the needs of a growing number of industries: Textile, Graphic Art and Digital Printing, Packaging, Engineering and others.

Interlem GP Omega has always followed totally the development and design of their own hardware and software systems, managing the total solution correspondence to the needs of the industry and the single costumers. Thanks to its innovation calling, Interlem GP Omega solution represent the state-of-the-art solution in their industries and essential tools for our customers.

Discover the solutions of Interlem GP Omega

More than 200 clients and 3000 machineries connected in the world. This represents how Interlem GP Omega covers the national market in a strong way and it's setting its foothold in the foreign markets: Canada, Colombia, India, Marocco, Tunisia. Visit the site

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Operative Headquarter: Via Milanese, 20 20099 - Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
Registered Office: Via Borromeo, 29 20811 - Cesano Maderno (MB) | P.IVA 02438300028

We’re a "PMI Innovativa (PMII)"
We’re a PMI Innovativa (PMII)
Member of the Confederal System
Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza e Brianza
Member of
ACI Europe