Customer Relationship Management

Being able to manage the relationship with your customer is a key success factor managed by every entrepreneur that was able to reach success. To care about your customer means to design a set of tool and procedures that can empower your business and organization to receive every kind of stimuli coming from the consumers and the market.

Interlem is specialized in planning and developing custom CRM solutions verticalized from the main market platforms. Here at Interlem you will find all the competencies to design your selling processes and customer care and to obtain simple and efficient tools to satisfy your customers.

The CRM for Interlem

Customer Relationship Management, for us people of Interlem, means a set of strategies and informatic solutions able to put the client at the center of the corporate world and to offer the management state-of-the-art technologies to improve their market comprehension and their understanding of key success factors:

The vertical Interlem solutions

Air-il-CRM: the Interlem CRM solutions for the airport industry

Air-il-CRM, is the solution that allows airports to manage in a complete and efficient way all the set of non-aviation activities: from supporting all the operative teams, to the customer behaviour analysis.

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Some of our customers

SEA: Milano’s airports flight with the Air-il-CRM

In the last 20 years the airport business shifted its focus from aviation and handling activities to non aviation related businesses. In order to have success in this sector, there is the need of a stronger care and attention with respect to the final user, the passenger. SEA adopted Air-il-CRM in order to understand how the passengers behave and what they consume inside the airport.

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