The solution for healthcare companies

The provision of health care services represents one of the most difficult and complicated challenges of our modern society.
The trend of recent years, strengthened by the experiences developed by administrations and innovative regions, goes in the direction of greater decentralization of services across the country.

To address this challenge, private health companies feel the need to possess tools that can handle the relationships, upstream, with actual customers, that are the ASL in particular and the National Health Service in general, and downstream with the actual service users, patients and citizens.

Interlem Hoasis (Home Health Care and Assistance Information System) is a web-based solution that allows Home Care Health Services companies to manage in an integrated and automatic way the relationships with the customers (ASL and private) and patients.

All the useful data only one click away from you!

Hoasis allows you to manage all aspects of a health company's functioning, in particular:

Customer and Patients<br/>Master Data

Customer and Patients
Master Data

Open Tender and Performances <br/>Master Data

Open Tender and Performances
Master Data

Price lists

Price lists

Articles and Services<br/>Master Data

Articles and Services
Master Data

Warhouses<br/>(old and new)

(old and new)

One solutions for many clients!

Hoasis is able to handle two different types of clients::

Clients related to open tenders  (ASL)

Clients related to open tenders (ASL)

Private Clients (in relation to specific services)

Private Clients (in relation to specific services)

One patient, a lot of information!

For each patient Hoasis provides information on:

  • Clinical Data
  • Diseases
  • Monitoring
  • Filed documents
  • Planned performances
  • Supplied performances
  • Deliveries

One solution for many performances!

Inside Hoasis are mapped the erogation processes of numerous performances and therapies. Thanks to Hoasis you can manage:

  • Ventilation Therapy
  • House Hoxigen Therapy
  • Atificial feeding
  • Hemodialysis
  • Home Care Respiratory Assistance
  • Integrated Home Care
  • High Intensity Home Care
  • Ostomies
  • Sleep Service

Thanks to Hoasis you will be able to:

We’re a "PMI Innovativa (PMII)"
We’re a PMI Innovativa (PMII)
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