Beyond Airport Customers’ Information & Behavior

The non-aviation activities (retail, catering, commercial areas, media, real estate, car parking) are becoming more and more relevant in the revenues models of airport operators. In the last 10 years all the players in the world changed their focus from aviation and handling activities to non-aviation ones. These requires tools and management techniques much more sophisticated, with the aim of putting the customer at the center of the company strategies, as key element of every initiative and its satisfaction as strategic objective.

Air-il-CRM is a solution that allows to airport to manage in a complete and efficient way the set of non-aviation activities. Air-ilCRm offers, from one side, support to all the operative teams in the touchpoint management and on the other side information and analysis on the customer behavior in order define the commercial and marketing strategies.

Full Data Integration


Website & e-commerce

Campaign Management

Parking Management

Customer Complaints

Loyalty program

Airport info (shop, Services, links,)

Lost & found

Sale vip & Fast track


Marketing Strategies

Business Development

Customer Care

Direct Marketing Campaign

Services Innovation

Customer Satisfaction

Operative instruments

The main operative functions of Air-il-CRM are:

Analytical dashboards

Air-il-CRM gives insights and statistics on:

One solution for the centralization of customers and prospects data

SEA Aeroporti di Milano is the society that manages the airports of Milano Malpensa and Linate chose Interlem to develop the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for its airports.
THe solution, that envisages a unique operative and analytical data base for all the information coming from the various vertical system used in the company, gives to the various corporate functions an instrument of analysis and monitoring.

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