Business Case

Interlem, thanks to its expertise and knowledge in the field of risk analysis, has designed a tool based on TRL methodology that calculates and estimates the risks in the choice of materials and processes for the design of electrical cables.


  • Automation of the evaluation process through formal rules
  • Possibility to customize the project WBS
  • Generation of risk reporting

Tool for project risk assessment

Technical risk analysis with TRL methodology - Technology Readiness Level

Risk assessment

The assessment of project risk due to the use of technologies, or combinations thereof, in the production and installation of complex infrastructures shall be subject to an assessment taking into account two main data sources:

  • The projects previously carried out
  • The experimental tests

Description of the project

The tool developed by Interlem estimates the risks in the choice of materials and processes for the production of electric cables: it uses a base of know-how, developed and managed by the company, which allows to evaluate the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of a project on the basis of past experience and then on the projects previously carried out.

Each item of WBS (materials, components, etc.) is associated with a value of "Technology Readiness Level" (TRL) and an "impact factor", which contribute to the calculation of total risk.

Based on these inputs the system is able to display the risk value for the entire project or for specific parts of it.


  • Complete analysis of design risks
  • Clear view of every possible version of the projects
  • Saving on any costs due to design errors or failures
  • Ability to choose the best project creation alternatives

Analysis of project risk

Our experience and expertise to help you analyze and estimate the value of project risk.

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