BigEye Multi-Utility

Business Analytics for Multi-Utility companies

The great changes that characterized in the last decades the energetic sector, they have imposed a strong reconsideration of the logics and business processes of Multi-Utility companies. The building of a solid competitive advantage, in a market more and more aggressive and unruly, requires the use of innovative and sophisticated tools and analysis techniques.

BigEye Multi-Utility is the complete suite of Business Intelligence that offers the possibility to analyze and understand all the dynamics relative to the diverse functioning and business area of the companies of the Multi-Utility sector.

One for all, all for one!

BigEye Multi-Utility is composed by various modules integrated between them or suitable to be used as standalone.
BigEye Multi-Utility's modularity allows to adapt in a perfect way to the needs of all the companies of the sector, reflecting from time to time the structure of the offer and services.

BigEye - Photovoltaic

BigEye Photovoltaic is an analytic system that allows to check and monitor the performances of photovoltaic systems. The solution offers information on Production Data (Energy production Curve, Output and reactive power produced, Real production Vs, expected production, Loss analysis), environmental sustainability data (CO2 not released into the atmosphere, Tonne of oil equivalent) and economic performance analysis (Cost of each kWh, estimation of penalities related to excessive production, comparison between the forecast and the actual economic situation)

Thanks to BigEye Fotovoltaico you won't no more be in the dark of your plant results.

BigEye - Cogeneration

BigEye Cogeneration is the module developed to guarantee and monitor the energetic performance of Cogeneration Plants. The solution offers a complete range of tools to check the joint production of thermal and electric energy, as well as to realize the analysis of the imbalances between programmed and real production.

Thanks to BigEye Cogeneration the necessary documents draft to obtain the Green Certificates and the 50001 Certification has never been so easy!

BigEye - Business Reporting

BigEye Business Reporting is the set of report and tools that allows to analyze every aspect of the administration, accounting and finance area of the Multi-Utility companies. The solutions offers detailed analysis on revenues, invoicing process, bills, payments, lateness, debt collection, performance measurement, turnover and customer's behaviour. All of the data are available for the different business lines (electric energy, gas, water services) or they can be read in aggregated form to obtain a big picture view of the company.

BigEye Business Reporting can reach the maximum level of detail, from the single user (POD/PDR), or it allows to aggregate data for geographic area, kind of contract, services or kind of erogation.

BigEye - Emission Monitoring System

BygEye Emission Monitoring System is the package created by Interlem to keep in check the emissions of industrial plants or energy production facilities. The solutions interfaces itself directly with the sampling system of the fumes emission, collects and elaborates the value of the main polluting elements (CO and NO) and represents them inside interactive dashboards with an easy and immediate navigation.

BygEye Controllo Emission Monitoring System help you to understand the phenomena that cause the crossing of the treshold provided by the law and in the case of the presence of anomalies produces all the related reports that need to be transmitted to the Competent Authorities.

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We’re a PMI Innovativa (PMII)
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