Planning Solutions

The continuous dialogue with our customers in various industrial sectors, has allowed us to develop over the years a deep knowledge of production processes and the issues related to planning and production monitoring.
Interlem is now able to offer to the market different solutions for industrial planning.

Interlem solutions are based on an intelligent scheduling engine pursuing a JUST-IN-TIME logic, to allow to minimize the impacts of lead-time and costs associated with production and logistic inefficiencies.

Our Planning Solutions


Planner for Certification bodies and Test Laboratories

SimPlan is the Interlem Planner solution dedicated to Certification Bodies and Test Laboratories for products and materials. Thanks to Simplan you will be able to plan correctly the activity of laboratories, machineries, test tools and human resources. It uses in an efficient way all of your resources, improving the quality of the provided service and customer's satisfaction!

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The smart planner for the manufacturing production

MES is the solution for planning and monitoring the manufacturing production. It plans the production in a smart way, following a JUST-IN-TIME logic, allowing the reduction of delays, avoiding the bottlenecks, delivering always on time the products ordered by the clients.

MES is ready to satisfy the needs of business belonging to different sectors:

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