Free Live Webinar – Thursday 28 April 2022 at 2:30 p.m.

Supply Chain
How to solve the 5 main problems

Three successful business cases

Learn how a smart planning system can solve the five main supply chain problems, helping you reduce data processing time and focus on more value-added activities and leaving behind the spreadsheets.

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Supply Chain Challenges

The planning of the supply chain is a very delicate operation since the real world doesn’t follow precise rules causing as a consequence a certain degree of uncertainty in the question. Therefore reducing is a business priority. Combining its purely probabilistic prediction and the automation of machine learning, business performance can be significantly improved.

As starting point we will review the five main problems related to the supply chain. We will explain the solution for all the issues and why the spreadsheets do not solve them.

We will address three success stories and show you how they have reduced stocks by 10%, decreased the back-order level by around 40-50%, increased the accuracy of sales forecasts by up to 90% and the service level by 5 points.

What are the problems to be solved?

  1. Improve the accuracy of sales forecasts

    • For many systems it is impossible to predict intermittent demand;
    • They calculate inefficient stock plans.
  2. Increase service level (product availability)

    • Stock-out;
    • Unsatisfied customers;
    • Lost sales.
  3. Reduce outdated or excess inventory costs

    • Not very accurate sales forecasts.
  4. Automatically schedule applications and stocks

    • Spend a lot of time on manual input and data management.
  5. Ensure seamless integration with SAP ERP and other business systems

    • Various non-integrated software ;
    • Considerable manual intervention that can generate errors and penalize productivity.

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