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Italy is synonim in the world for fashion. For this reason, even today, all the producer look at our country has an absolute benchmark for creativity and the technologies related to the fashion & textile industry.

Our experience in the textile world starts in 1986 thanks to Interlem GP Omega. The mission of this "start-up" was precisely the one to give to dirigents of textile companies technological solutions in order to enable an improved management, planning and monitoring of the production process.

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Thanks to 20 years of market experience and more than 170 customers, Interlem GP Omega is able to meet all the needs of the sector through flexible and easily implemented solutions.

Interlem GP Omega offers a dedicated team of professionals born and raised in the textile world, able to understand all the issues that textile companies face every day and to face the implementation process with serenity. Visit the website

We’re a "PMI Innovativa (PMII)"
We’re a PMI Innovativa (PMII)
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Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza e Brianza
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