Business Process Outsourcing

Administrative activities and all the paperwork necessary to the direction of activities may distract your management
from the core business of your company and subtract precious resources
for the success of your economic initiative.

Interlem offers a full range Business Process Outsourcing services that will allow you to focus fully on your market and on your clients.

Data Entry

Forget the long days passed to report data from paper into your informatic system. OCR, OMR and ICR technologies guarantee the possibility to perform data entry activities of information in an easy and safe way.

Thanks to Interlem you will be able to free internal resources and to entrust your documents to a fast and competent staff.


Thanks to digital acquisition tools, all of your documents can be transformed and filed with an enormous time and money saving.

Interlem offers all the services related to digitalization: documents pick up, physical preparation, scanning, indexing and arrangement of a digital archive. Forget paper, transform all of your documents in digital copies!


To archive all the documentation and paper material there is the need of a time investment and space at disposal.

Interlem offers a safe and reliable archiviation system, able to guarantee protection from weather conditions and casual events, a shredder service for the unnecessary documents, on demand research and originals' restitution.

Substitutive Conservation

The Substitutive Conservation allows to give to your digital file the same legal value as the paper copies.

Thanks to Interlem you will be able to respect the law requirements, to conserve all of the necessary documents and save on archiviation cost.

Electronic Invoicing

The Invoicing management engulf your business and congest your offices? Entrust yourself completely to Interlem.

We are able to manage all the way through the entire invoicing process, from the emission to the substitutive conservation, passing through the accounting registration and archiviation.

We’re a "PMI Innovativa (PMII)"
We’re a PMI Innovativa (PMII)
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