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Web and social media have completely changed the manner in which companies related themselves with client and the market. Today the competitive success is more and more connected to a steady online presence, to an infinite series of micro customer relationships and other stakelholder able to shape the company's identity and carve into the mind of the public the image and the business vision. Positioning, differentiation, customer satisfaction are all very important strategic dimension for the modern company, that today must unavoidably be implemented into a digital and online perspective.

Here at Interlem you can find a team made up by experts, stategists, marketing specialists and technology consultants able to understand your business needs and study with you the optimal strategy to carry your company into the 2.0 world with success. Starting from a simple website and arriving to the intention of building a solid and complete set of online tools, Interlem can be your serious and reliable partner able to share joys and success of your digital strategies.

Sana Commerce: SAP ERP Integrated e-Commerce Platform

Sana provides B2B and B2C e-commerce solutions that help wholesalers, manufacturers and distributors all over the world optimize their online customer experience, streamline sales processes and increase online sales volumes. Sana’s powerful web store solution is 100% integrated with SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

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We’re a PMI Innovativa (PMII)
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